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The CRxSiSS project aims to respond to one of the fundamental needs of today's society, lifelong learning for adults and the elderly, by promoting, through the mobility of teachers and students, the exchange of knowledge and experiences at a transnational level.


The project revolves around the following topics of international interest and significance:

- Active aging

- The digital divide

- Cybersecurity

- Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

- Rural depopulation

- Youth employability

- Sustainable development

- Public health


The CRxSiSS project has the following objectives:

1) Promote the exchange of experiences, good practices and educational content on the topics around which the project revolves through:

- teacher meetings

- courses for students of adult education programs, and especially for senior citizens, improving and increasing their knowledge and competences.

2) To create through these actions a space for exchange and dialogue at a transnational level, with the participation of different entities and countries.

3) To contribute, from the field of education, to the knowledge and approach of key concepts for the development of a common European identity.

4) To promote, from an intergenerational perspective, the development and exercise of an active, critical and participatory citizenship, capable of facing the great challenges facing European society today.